Path to Infinity<br />
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December 14, 2006<br />
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Baltimore, MD

Clifford Fonda

Apparently, you would like to know a little more about me than just the simple fact that I take pictures.  Well, here goes:


My name is Clifford Fonda. If you ask me, I will usually tell you that I am a recovering computer programmer. In October of 2005, I walked away from a nine year career as a software engineer and, after a few months of soul searching, decided to focus on art full time.


My art is primarily an exploration of myself.  I use my art as a means for delving into my spirituality.  My work reflects my search for internal peace.  The result is that much of my work focuses on the relationship between life and death.


My interests tend towards scenic images, abstracts and form studies, though I will shoot anything that catches my eye. I currently shoot with Olympus digital cameras.


In addition to photography, I write poetry, paint, and build furniture.  My goal in life is simply to add to the beauty in the world.  Hopefully, I will help a few others to appreciate the beauty that is always around us along the way.


I live in Warner Robins, GA.

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